Please Submit Comments on NIST’s Draft Revision 4 of SP 800-63, Digital Identity Guidelines

 Digital Identities

The rapid proliferation of online services over the past few years
has heightened the need for reliable, equitable, secure, and privacy-protective
digital identity solutions. Revision 4 of NIST’s
Special Publication 800-63,
Digital Identity Guidelines
, intends to respond to
the changing digital landscape that has emerged since the last major
revision of this suite
was published in 2017—including the
real-world implications of online risks. The guidelines present the process and
technical requirements for meeting digital identity management assurance levels
for identity proofing, authentication, and federation, including requirements
for security and privacy as well as considerations for fostering equity and the
usability of digital identity solutions and technology.

Taking into account feedback provided in response to our June 2020
Pre-Draft Call for Comments, as well as research conducted
into real-world implementations of the guidelines, market innovations, and the
current threat environment, this draft seeks to: advance equity, emphasize
optionality and choice for consumers, deter fraud and advanced threats, improve
privacy, and address implementation lessons learned.

Please submit your comments via email ( by 11:59 PM ET
on Friday, March 24, 2023.
The Note to Reviewers section
highlights the specific topics NIST is hoping for feedback on; please note that
NIST will review all comments and make them available on the NIST Identity and
Access Management Resource Center (NIST IAM).

NIST will host a virtual event, Digital Identity
Guidelines – Kicking off Revision 4!
, on January 12, 2023 at 1:00 PM
ET. We will provide an overview of the draft, highlight key areas where input
is needed from the community, and share information on how to get involved. REGISTER NOW!