Windows 10 User Talks




With Windows 10 being released on July 29, 2015 I have agreed to do some end user talks on what new with Windows 10

I will be covering;

  • Upgrade paths
  • New Interfaces
  • New browser Edge
  • New way to logion (Microsoft Hello)
  • Changes to security
  • Different Versions of Windows
  • Universal Apps
  • And other topics

The dates for the first few talk and locations are

Aug. 4,  DACS – Danbury Area Computer Society   7pm at

Danbury Hospital Creasy Auditorium, Danbury, CT  Website 

Aug 6  WPCUG – Westchester PC User Group  7pm at

120 Bloomingdale Rd 1st floor,  White Plains NY 10605  Website

Aug 27  TPCUG PC Users Group of Connecticut  7pm at

Trumbull Public Library on Quality Street in Trumbull, CT  Website


NetHope Project Haiti

I have been volunteering in Haiti with NetHope working on helping the IT community by doing some training. The people who I work with are very happy when people care and I challenge you to get involved. I taught 2 classes on on Security + and one on ethical hacking. here are some pictures of the class



I challenge to you get involved and help volunteer either locally or international…

to learn more about  NetHope Academy Program – in Haiti go Here

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