TechEd Office announces Service Pack 1 Unveiled for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010

Scheduled for release at the end of June, SP1 will include updates across the client suites and server products. Check out the list of improvements and new features, and stay tuned for more details, on the Microsoft Office Blog.

Some announced  features include,

Across the client suites and server products, SP1 offers a sprinkling of improvements to make a strong 2010 release wave even stronger. During TechEd and beyond, teams on will update their blogs with more specific details of 2010 Service Pack 1 contents.

There are far too many changes in SP1 to list here, but the list below is a sample of SP1 highlights to get things started. This is a list of things that you can do now that you couldn’t before, or things that are just better than they were with the original release:

  • Outlook fixes an issue where “Snooze Time” would not reset between appointments.
  • The default behavior for PowerPoint "Use Presenter View" option changed to display the slide show on the secondary monitor.
  • Integrated community content in the Access Application Part Gallery.
  • Better alignment between Project Server and SharePoint Server browser support.
  • Improved backup / restore functionality for SharePoint Server
  • The Word Web Application extends printing support to “Edit Mode.”
  • Project Professional now synchronizes scheduled tasks with SharePoint task lists.
  • Internet Explorer 9 “Native” support for Office Web Applications and SharePoint
  • Office Web Applications Support for Chrome
  • Inserting Charts into Excel Workbooks using Excel Web Application
  • Support for searching PPSX files in Search Server
  • Visio Fixes scaling issues and arrowhead rendering errors with SVG export
  • Proofing Tools improve spelling suggestions in Canadian English, French, Swedish and European Portuguese.
  • Outlook Web Application Attachment Preview (with Exchange Online only)
  • Office client suites using “Add Remove Programs” Control Panel, building on our work from Office 2007 SP2

Stay tune for more on this service pack.

Do you have IE6 apps but want to move to Windows 7

I hear this as a issue for a lot of companies.  Yes Microsoft has some great products for virtualizing old applications, But here some special. UniBrows is a add on for IE8 or IE9 that add a Tab in your browser that allow you to run IE-6 dependent web application unmodified in IE8 or IE9.

This solution work for those customers who need JUST browser backward compatibility. The cool thing about this add-on is that now you can migrate to Windows 7 easily.

UniBrows provides full IE6 functionality and behaviors, including ActiveX controls support and JavaScript functionality. Administrator-specified sites are rendered as if IE6 was powering the separate tab while other websites and nonconfigured URIs are loaded natively in IE8. The add-on can be deployed with standard IT methods, managed by Group Policy within IE8 (so company IT administrators can choose IE6-specific sites and applications to render as IE6), and also includes a Microsoft Management Console snap-in. In contrast to heavyweight virtualization-based mechanisms, UniBrows only requires 10MB of memory without changing a single line of code.

You can even had different version of Java running in your browser!


For a Trial Version go Here

Security Breach at Michaels Stores, Inc


(IRVING, Texas) Michaels Stores, Inc. has learned that PIN pad tampering may have occurred in its Chicago-area stores and that customer credit and debit card information may have been compromised.

The company was contacted this week by banking and law enforcement authorities after some fraudulent debit card transactions were reported over the weekend. Authorities believe the fraudulent transactions may be linked to legitimate transactions in Chicago-area Michaels stores.

Consumers who have purchased items from a Michaels store with a debit or credit card are encouraged to monitor their statements, report any suspicious account activity, and change any PIN numbers and other account security settings. Consumers who believe their accounts were used without authorization should contact the card issuer directly. More consumer protection tips are available at the Federal Trade Commission website at

The company is working to assist authorities in the investigation. For additional information and updates, visit Michaels website at


Security hole in Android Devices

Android devices running versions 2.3.3 and below could be susceptible to attack when they are connected to unencrypted Wi-Fi networks. Anyone else on that network could gain access to, modify or delete Android users’ calendars, photos and contacts.

"It is quite easy," the researchers Ulm University from Ulm University in the southern part of Germany, wrote in a blog post Said  "The implications of this vulnerability reach from disclosure to loss of personal information."

Google has announced they are working on a fix.


Free eBook Windows 7 Power Users Guide

Mike Halsey is a Microsoft MVP and author of Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out from Microsoft Press. Mike has created eBook Windows 7 Power Users Guide is now completely FREE. The book is for people of all technical ability from complete novices to IT Pros.


The book contains 16 chapters and is a guide on how to get the very best out of Windows 7 from installation to configuration and advanced operations. It includes step-by-step guides, screenshots and diagrams on every page, quick tips throughout the book. This is a great resource for all Windows 7 users.

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