Announcement of Proposal to Update FIPS 197, The Advanced Encryption Standard

 As a part of the periodic
review of NIST’s cryptographic standards and guidelines, NIST’s Crypto
Publication Review Board (“Review Board”) announced the review of
Federal Information Processing Standards Publication (FIPS) 197,
Advanced Encryption Standard
in May 2021.

NIST proposes to update FIPS 197. An update of a publication is appropriate when it only requires
changes to correct errors or clarify its interpretation, and no changes are
made to technical content. Proposed changes to FIPS 197 are summarized in the full announcement.

A public comment period for the draft FIPS
197 update
is open through February 13, 2023.
 Public comments on the decision to update the FIPS, or on
the draft update itself, may be submitted to,
with “Comments on Draft FIPS 197 Update” in the subject line. Comments received
in response to this request will be posted on the
Publication Review Project site
 after the
due date. Submitters’ names and affiliations (when provided) will be included,
while contact information will be removed. See the project site for additional
information about the review process.