3rd Annual New York Metro Joint Cyber Security Conference (NYMJCSC)

New York Metro Joint Cyber Security
on October
5th 2016
in New York City, and is welcoming security
professionals, managers and students to attend! The NYMJCSC 2016’s program aims
to provide Insights into Cyber Security News/Trends, along with sharing
practical applications in Audit, Legal, Application Security and Risk
Management. This conference also is aligned with the National Cyber Security
Awareness Month (NCSAM) activities and seeks to reach a broad audience.  



Midtown, NYC


I will be speaking.

Ransomware and what you can do about it

A group of friends who are Microsoft MVP create a group of tools to protect from ransomware, this is done vie a combination of documents, policies, recovery keys, and instruction sets for other tools native to Windows Server and Desktop OS’s. We also include suggestions of how you can modernize your network configuration best practices a build a great solution for your clients. What really nice about this solution is the cost. The Solution is donation based!!


The link for more information is here

Remember training user on opening email and links are part of the process in reducing risk of Ransomware, and good security practices.

Microsoft PowerShell can and now does run on LINUX !

Microsoft announced today
that PowerShell
is open sourced and available on Linux. PowerShell is a task-based command-line
shell and scripting language built on the .NET Framework to help IT
professionals control and automate the administration of the Windows, and now
Linux, operating systems and the applications that run on them Linux as well as
Windows. This new thinking empowered the .NET team to port .NET Core to Linux
and that in turn, enabled PowerShell to port to Linux as well. PowerShell on
Linux is now designed to enable customers to use the same tools, and the same
people, to manage everything from anywhere. It is initially available on
Ubuntu, Centos, as well as Red Hat, and also runs on Mac OS X. More platforms
will be added in the future. You can download Alpha builds and check out the
source code from GitHub.

Now, users across Windows
and Linux, current and new PowerShell users, even application developers can
experience a rich interactive scripting language as well as a heterogeneous
automation and configuration management that works well with your existing tools.
Your PowerShell skills are now even more marketable, and your Windows and Linux
teams, who may have had to work separately, can now work together more easily.