New Version of CISM EXAM Process

The new Courseware is out. You have to decide if you like to take the old test by May 1 or new content On June 1 and beyond.

The new content is as follows

1 Information Security Governance

A Enterprise Governance

1A1 Organizational Culture

1A2 Legal, Regulatory, and Contractual Requirements

1A3 Organizational Structures, Roles, and Responsibilities

B Information Security Strategy

1B1 Information Security Strategy Development

1B2 Information Governance Frameworks and Standards

1B3 Strategic Planning (e.g., budgets, resources, business case).

2 Information Security Risk Management

A Information Security Risk Assessment

2A1 Emerging Risk and Threat Landscape

2A2 Vulnerability and Control Deficiency Analysis

2A3 Risk Assessment and Analysis

B Information Security Risk Response

2B1 Risk Treatment / Risk Response Options

2B2 Risk and Control Ownership

2B3 Risk Monitoring and Reporting

3Information Security Program

A Information Security Program Development

3A1 Information Security Program Resources (e.g., people, tools, technologies)

3A2 Information Asset Identification and Classification

3A3 Industry Standards and Frameworks for Information Security

3A4 Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

3A5 Information Security Program Metrics

B Information Security Program Management

3B1 Information Security Control Design and Selection

3B2 Information Security Control Implementation and Integrations

3B3 Information Security Control Testing and Evaluation

3B4 Information Security Awareness and Training/td>

3B5 Management of External Services (e.g., providers, suppliers, third parties, fourth parties)

3B6 Information Security Program Communications and Reporting

4 Incident Management

A Incident Management Readiness

4A1 Incident Response Plan

4A2 Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

4A3 Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

4A4 Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

4A5 Incident Classification/Categorization

4A6 Incident Management Training, Testing, and Evaluation

B Incident Management Operations

4B1 Incident Management Tools and Techniques

4B2 Incident Investigation and Evaluation

4B3 Incident Containment Methods

4B4 Incident Response Communications (e.g., reporting, notification, escalation)

4B5 Incident Eradication and Recovery

4B6 Post-incident Review Practices

Updated CISM Exam Content Outline Effective Beginning 1 June 2022

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