Changes to CISSP Exam Process

 Beginning June 1, 2022, the CISSP exam in the Computerized
Adaptive Testing
 (CAT) format will contain 50 pretest (unscored)
items, which will increase the minimum and maximum number of
items candidates will need to respond to from 100-150 to 125-175 items during
the exam. To allow for these additional items, the maximum exam administration
 will increase from three to four hours.


The additional 25 pretest items are evaluated for inclusion
as operational (scored) items in future exams, however, as these pretest items
are indistinguishable from operational (scored) items, candidates should
consider each item carefully and select the best possible answer. Responses
to pretest items do not impact a candidate’s score or the pass/fail result on
their examination.

The CISSP CAT exam currently contains 25 pretest items. The
addition of another 25 enables (ISC)² to continue expanding our item bank to
strengthen the integrity and security of the CISSP for all those who earn the

There are no other changes to the content of the CISSP exam.
The domains and domain weights contained within the CISSP exam outline have not changed.

CISSP exams scheduled on or after June 1, 2022 will reflect
these changes. If you or your students have questions or need assistance,
please contact