New Book I Co-Authored “On Thin Ice”


How your business RIGHT NOW is at risk for losing considerable
 productivity, sales, customers, lawsuits and money from 
 malware attacks

Why YOUR BUSINESS is the #1 target for cyberattacks, and 
 why YOU are your business’s weakest link

How a MOUNTAIN of COSTS and WEEKS of WASTED TIME could result from
 a single data breach and what you should do to prevent an attack

What are the TOP NINE ways cybercriminals HACK your network and 
 what you can do now to stop them

What exactly is CLOUD COMPUTING and how it can enhance your 
network security while increasing productivity and lowering costs

How it takes the average IDENTITY THEFT victim 600 HOURS to clear
 their name and the four ways to protect your business today

The major risks of allowing your employees to work from home
 and the FOUR SIMPLE STEPS to ensure this business model never
 compromises your network

And so much more! 

All of the authors of this book have donated all royalties to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.