More Microsoft Blog posts on Security


Title: Secure your GitHub deployment using Microsoft Cloud App Security
Overview: Welcome to newest post in our series on how to protect your API
Connected Apps using Microsoft Cloud App Security (Microsoft CAS).


Title: Hunt across cloud applications activities with Microsoft 365
Defender advanced hunting
Overview: We’re thrilled to share that the new CloudAppEvents table
is now available as a public preview in advanced hunting for Microsoft 365


Title: How to export data from Splunk to Azure Sentinel
Overview: We have published several Blog posts on how Azure Sentinel can be
used  Side-by-Side with 3rd Party SIEM tools,  leveraging
cloud-native SIEM and SOAR capabilities to forward enriched alerts.


Title: Meet the Microsoft Pluton processor – The security chip designed
for the future of Windows PCs
Overview: In collaboration with leading silicon partners AMD, Intel, and
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., we are announcing the Microsoft Pluton security
processor. This chip-to-cloud security technology, pioneered in Xbox and Azure
Sphere, will bring even more security advancements to future Windows PCs and
signals the beginning of a journey with ecosystem and OEM partners.


Title: MCAS Ninja: What’s a CASB and Why Do I Need One?
Overview: As an IT professional of 20 years, I can recall the days of
supporting line of business applications hosted in a corporate datacenter,
behind a firewall, where IT had complete control. As Software as a Service
(SaaS) started becoming the new modern line of business apps, a new challenge
presented itself – the infrastructure behind that app is outside IT’s control.
Not having controls to govern access (nor the data) in the app posed
significant risks to the organization, not to mention a lack of visibility into
the compliance and security posture of the app.


Title: Key layers for developing a smarter SOC with CyberProof-managed
Microsoft Azure security services

Overview: This blog post is part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security
Association (MISA) guest blog series. Learn more about MISA here.  
Security teams are struggling to reduce the time to detect and respond to
threats due to the complexity and volume of alerts being generated from
multiple security technologies. With more workloads being migrated to the…


Title: Forrester TEI study: Azure Sentinel delivers 201 percent ROI over
3 years and a payback of less than 6 months

Overview: 2020 has been a transitional year, ushering in broad changes in how,
and where, we work. Security operations (SecOps) teams face more significant
challenges than ever as they protect the organization in this rapidly changing
environment. These teams need a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient
solution to empower their employees, improve security, and optimize costs


Title: Gartner names Microsoft a Leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for
Cloud Access Security Brokers

Overview: The past few months have changed the way we work in many ways,
working from home, social distancing, and remote operations have all had impacts
on our previously known ways of life. At Microsoft, we have been working hard
to assist our customers adjust to this rapidly changing and evolving work
environment. As has been…