iPhone My test

I wanted to see what all the what all the fuss was with the Apple iPhone. So I took 3 months to try and see, here the results.

On the positive;

  • Interface is fast
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to buy applications

On the negative;

  • Phone Coverage stinks (put the phone next to another ATT phone and other phone has full bars iPhone show weak signal)
  • Single task at a time, phone can not multitask except for music.
  • Phone locks up – need to reboot
  • Slow boot time (more that 30 seconds)
  • Can not open and edit Office docs (need 3rd party application)
  • Can not open and read calendar request
  • Bad battery life
  • Root password widely known – Security Issue
  • Support – you must go to apple store, as ATT stores does  not support the phone, You can call 800 support, but if the phone need to be look at you need to go to an Apple store or lose phone for days.
  • No way to control Bluetooth (it is on or off and you can not turn off discovery mode)
  • If you are running an application like GPS navigation and the phone rings you application shuts down, so no directions.
  • No way to change battery and when it goes you need to send device back to Apple or find 3rd party to replace it.
  • Put speaker on mute and some applications will still play sounds
  • System ask for password for login to ITunes and give options to remember but never does.
  • No way to remotely wipe device if lost

So for now The iPhone is a great IPOD device, but as a PHONE it needs lots of work. I expect a phone will a make call, have a good radio, boot or turn on fast, and be stable. Sorry to say but after 3 months of trying, the iPhone does not live up to it’s hype. As a consumer device it might, but for business I give up.

Ps. I now have to return the phone to an APPLE store as it now does not boot at all. I now have  heard this is a  issue from a group of people.


Back to a Window Mobile where I can work and have a s phone that meets business needs.


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