Introducing: Windows 7 January 2010 A few months after the launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7, Gary Flood takes a look at how easy adoption is for its users


Here a link to an article in IT Training Magazine online about Windows 7 in which I am quoted.

This opinion is backed up by Jay Ferron, an IT professional and trainer with a US company called Interactive Security. ‘7 can definitely run very well on older machines, which allows me to recycle them to be used again and save cost,’ he says.

While no-one should want to move from XP or Vista to Windows 7 simply because Microsoft ‘told’ them to or they liked the ads and thought the new screen looked cute, there are real technical improvements in 7, say independent commentators.

These include such features as DirectAccess, which gets rid of the need by remote workers to use things like VPNs, as it allows them to connect securely to the office and applications wherever they are; BranchCache, which saves network capacity by only downloading one set of big files to a location so local machines can access them there; and BitLocker, a probably long overdue way to encrypt and protect things like user data on a machine but also memory sticks and USBs.

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