Support CISA’s Efforts to Improve Cybersecurity for Civil Society

Civil society organizations and other communities on the frontlines of the fight for democracy and human rights are frequently targets of Advanced Persistent Threats. These same organizations require additional support from the Federal government and the broader cybersecurity community to protect, detect, and defend against cyber threats.
The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), in partnership with industry and civil society, is developing a cyber defense plan to advance the following objectives:
Enhance baseline levels of cyber hygiene for civil society organizations. Improve the response and resilience of targeted organizations. Gain commitments from industry, government, and civil society to equitably distribute the burden of bolstering the cybersecurity of high-risk communities.
CISA is recruiting cyber volunteer programs to feature on the website (with consent) to:
Help prospective volunteers get in touch with their local volunteer corps or clinic; and Connect organizations in need of cybersecurity assistance with cyber volunteer programs that can assist.
CISA also wants to know if your organization offers free tools & services to high-risk communities.
Please contact CISA if you are aware of, or belong to:
A cyber volunteer program that can help, and should be included on CISA.GOV; or Free tools or services that can bolster cybersecurity protections to high-risk communities.
For more information and CISA contact information, click here.