Software Updates

  • #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth Tip: If you connect it, protect it. Outsmart cyber criminals by regularly updating your software. Learn more:
  • Any device that connects to the internet is vulnerable to risks. The best defense is to keep device security software, web browser and operating systems up to date. Turn on auto-updates! Learn more: #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth
  • All those update alerts from your software are important to install! Not only do they fix things that might be buggy, they also patch up any security holes. Learn more: #CybersecurityAwarenssMonth
  • Pay attention to software update alerts and set your software to auto-update–it’s an easy way to keep things safe. Set it and forget it! Learn more: #CybersecurityAwarenssMonth
  • Don’t let vulnerabilities linger! Update, update, update! Keeping your software up to date is crucial for a secure digital life.  Enable automatic updates to protect your devices against the latest threats. Learn more: #CybersecurityAwarenssMonth
  • Set it and forget it! With automatic software updates, you don’t have to worry about manually checking for updates. Embrace the convenience and let your devices take care of themselves. Stay on top of security and enjoy peace of mind. Learn more: #CybersecurityAwarenssMonth
  • Outsmart the cyber threats! Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. Stay a step ahead by enabling automatic software updates. Think of them as an invisible shield that fortifies your devices against emerging risks. Stay safe, stay updated! Learn more: #CybersecurityAwarenssMonth
  • The power of timely updates! Automatic software updates work silently to protect your devices. Say goodbye to outdated software and embrace the power of the latest features, enhanced performance, and tightened security. Learn more: #CybersecurityAwarenssMonth