NIST Now Available — Final Project Description for Manufacturing Supply Chain Traceability Using Blockchain-Related Technology 


Manufacturing supply chains are increasingly critical to maintaining the health, security, and the economic strength of the United States. As supply chains supporting critical infrastructure become more complex and the origins of products become harder to discern, efforts are emerging that improve traceability of goods by exchanging traceability data records using distributed ledger and other blockchain-related technologies. 

This publication introduces the concept of a manufacturing supply chain “traceability chain,” which is comprised of a series of manufacturing traceability records written to industry- specific ecosystem blockchain-related technologies. The traceability chain is intended to provide supply chain visibility from end-user to original components. The Project Description describes a Traceability Chain Minimum Viable Product (MVP) reference implementation as a starting point for further research and refinement. NCCoE cybersecurity experts will address this challenge through collaboration with a Community of Interest, including vendors of cybersecurity solutions. The resulting reference design will detail an approach that can be incorporated across multiple sectors.

To learn more about the decentralized data approach to help secure supply chains in manufacturing and critical infrastructure sectors, visit our project page.

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