Plan your day at Microsoft Secure

 Plan your day at Microsoft

Start your day with a keynote from Charlie
Bell, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Security, and Vasu Jakkal, Corporate
Vice President, Security, Compliance & Identity on what an AI-powered
means for cybersecurity. Stay tuned shortly after for more product
announcements across security, compliance and identity.

Sessions will continue on topics including:

  • How do executive leaders make
    big security bets for their businesses?:
    A discussion with CISOs from industry leading
  • How XDR defends against
    ransomware across the entire kill chain:
    A deep dive into our eXtended Detection and
    Response (XDR) solution
  • Balancing privacy and security
    in the cloud:
    A breakout session on
    privacy’s crucial role in maintaining trust

Plus, our team will provide real-time answers
to your most pressing questions in chat throughout the day. Click here to
save sessions to your schedule and plan your day.

out what’s coming up at Microsoft Secure

Brad Smith

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Brad Smith, Vice Chair and President

View highlighted sessions

Brad Smith joins Vasu Jakkal to discuss
geopolitics, the threat landscape, corporate responsibility and investment in
the international security community.

Curious about our content across breakouts,
roundtables and on-demand? Read our latest blog on Microsoft Security to see
highlighted sessions and presenters.

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