NIST has extended the deadlines to submit comments

 There’s Now Extra Time to Comment…Please Share Your Feedback on
our Three NIST Identity Guidance Items!

NIST has extended the deadlines to submit comments to drafts of
three key pieces of guidance related to digital identity:

  1. Digital Identity Guidelines
    (NIST SP 800-63-4) |
    Extended until April 14, 2023 NIST
    SP 800-63 intends to respond to the changing digital landscape that has
    emerged since the last major revision of this suite was
    published in 2017—including the real-world implications of online risks.
    The guidelines present the process and technical requirements for meeting
    digital identity management assurance levels for identity proofing,
    authentication, and federation, including requirements for security and
    privacy as well as considerations for fostering equity and the usability
    of digital identity solutions and technology.
  2. Guidelines for Derived Personal Identity
    Verification (PIV) Credentials
    (NIST SP 800-157r1) | Extended until April 21,
    NIST SP 800-157 has been
    revised to feature an expanded set of derived PIV credentials to include
    public key infrastructure (PKI) and non-PKI-based phishing-resistant
    multi-factor authenticators.
  3. Guidelines for Personal Identity Verification (PIV)

    (NIST SP 800-217) | Extended
    until April 21, 2023 
    NIST SP 800-217 details
    technical requirements on the use of federated PIV identity and the
    interagency use of assertions to implement PIV federations backed by PIV
    identity accounts and PIV credentials.

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