Password Manager LastPass has been breached.

I been telling people if you are going to use a password manager understand the settings and configuration issues. This is true of all software.


I have said over and over again. 

Use on each site different, a strong password and change them regularly. and go to multi-factor solutions.

I found a great article on a site I review from time to time. Here is the article to look at:

LastPass has been breached: What now?

If you have a LastPass account you should have received an email updating you on the state of affairs concerning a recent LastPass breach. While this email and the corresponding blog post try to appear transparent, they don’t give you a full picture. In particular, they are rather misleading concerning a very important question: should you change all your passwords now?
Screenshot of an email with the LastPass logo. The text: Dear LastPass Customer, We recently notified you that an unauthorized party was able to gain access to a third-party cloud-based storage service which is used by LastPass to store backups. Earlier today, we posted an update to our blog with important information about our ongoing investigation. This update includes details regarding our findings to date, recommended actions for our customers, as well as the actions we are currently taking.

To read the full blog please go here