Become a Collaborator on the Responding to and Recovering from a Cyber Attack

 The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) has issued
Federal Register Notice inviting industry participants and other interested
to participate in the Responding to and Recovering from a Cyber Attack:
Cybersecurity for the Manufacturing Sector
project. In conjunction
with the Federal Register Notice, the NCCoE has published the Final
Responding to and Recovering from a Cyber Attack: Cybersecurity for
the Manufacturing Sector
Project Description, Revision

Industrial control systems (ICS) and devices that run
manufacturing environments play a critical role in the supply chain. These same
systems face an increasing number of cyber attacks that present a threat to
safety, production, and economic impact to a manufacturing organization. This
project will demonstrate an approach for responding to and recovering from a
cyber attack on ICS within the manufacturing sector.

Join Us

There are two ways to join the NCCoE for this project:

  • Become
    an NCCoE Collaborator –

    Collaborators are members of the project team who work alongside the NCCoE
    staff to build the demonstration by contributing products, services, and
    technical expertise. Collaborators are expected to participate in
    regularly scheduled conference calls and to help build and document the
  • Get Started TodayIf you are
    interested in becoming an NCCoE collaborator for the Responding to and Recovering
    from a Cyber Attack: Cybersecurity for the Manufacturing Sector
    first review the requirements identified in the Federal Register Notice.
    If you wish to become a collaborator, you can find the final project
    description and the form to request a Letter of Interest (LOI) template on
    the project page.
    Once you have filled out the request form on the project page, you will be
    provided a link to download the project’s LOI template. The completed LOI
    should be sent to the NCCoE Manufacturing team at Completed
    submissions are considered on a first-come, first-served basis within
    each category of components or characteristics listed in the Federal
    Register Notice, up to the number of participants in each category
    necessary to carry out the project build. 
  • Collaborator Selection The NCCoE
    Manufacturing team will review all submissions and may follow up with
    respondents with questions or to discuss your capabilities. The NCCoE
    Manufacturing team will notify each selected collaborator via email and
    begin the process to establish a Cooperative Research and Development
    Agreement (CRADA) to formalize your collaboration with the NCCoE. Once the
    CRADA has been established, the selected collaborators can begin working
    with the NCCoE to draft white papers, playbooks, and demonstrable
    proof-of-concept implementations.
  • If you submit a Letter of
    Interest and are not selected, the project team will notify you via email.
    We encourage those who are not selected to be collaborators to stay
    engaged via our Community of Interest and to bring your expertise when
    project deliverables are posted as drafts for public comment and during
    any public meetings held for this project.
  • Join our
    Community of Interest

    – By joining the NCCoE Manufacturing Community of Interest (COI), you will
    receive project updates and the opportunity to share your expertise to
    help guide this project. Request to join our COI by visiting our project page.

If you have any questions, please contact our project team at