WiFi Exploitation Framework (WEF)

 A fully offensive framework to the 802.11 networks and protocols with different types of attacks for WPA/WPA2 and WEP, automated hash cracking, bluetooth hacking and much more.

Tested and supported in Kali LinuxParrot OS and Arch Linux.


  • Deauthentication Attack

  • Authentication Attack

  • Beacon Flood Attack

  • PMKID Attack

  • EvilTwin Attack

  • Passive/Stealthy Attack

  • Pixie Dust Attack

  • Null Pin Attack

  • WEP Protocol Attacks

  • Michael Exploitation Attack

  • Jamming, Reading and Writing bluetooth connections (Not finished)

  • GPS Spoofing with HackRF


☑️ Descriptives attack logs

☑️ WPA/WPA2, WPS and WEP Attacks

☑️ Auto handshake cracking

☑️ Multiple templates for EvilTwin attack

☑️ Check monitor mode and its status

☑️ 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz attacks

☑️ Custom wordlist selector

☑️ Auto detect requirements

To learn more and to install go here