Adalanche Open Source a toll for understanding Active Directory

 Adalanche gives instant results, showing you what permissions users and groups have in an Active Directory. It is useful for visualizing and exploring who can take over accounts, machines or the entire domain, and can be used to find and show misconfigurations.

Active Directory security is notoriously difficult. Small organizations generally have no idea what they’re doing, and way too many people are just added to Domain Admins. In large organizations you have a huge number of people with different needs, and they are delegated access to varying degrees of power in the AD. At some point in time, someone makes a mistake, and that can cost you dearly.


Adalanche is an all-in-one binary – it collects information from Active Directory or from local Windows machines and can the analyze the collected data. If you’re only doing AD analysis, just grab the binary for your preferred platform. Later you can deploy the dedicated collector .exe for your Windows member machines via a GPO or other orchestration and get even more insight.

Download either the latest release or the build of the latest commit from Releases. Usually running with the latest commit is fine, but there might be a problem here and there. Releases are considered stable and are for the less adventurous.

Go here to download from GitHub 

NOTICE this tool should be used only if authorized.

Is it dangerous to run adalanche?

No, it is not. Running adalanche requires nothing more than a regular user account, and works by connecting to Active Directory services and querying (reading) data from the LDAP object store, and by reading files from the SYSVOL file share (optional). This data is available to all users, and is also what attackers use to do initial reconnaissance.