A Tale of Two Cities – Exploring the future of work – A Data AI Hackathon

 This is an IN-Person Event

The pandemic is (mostly) behind us now, but have perceptions and mindsets of city dwellers changed forever?
Do young people see the world in the same way?
Is there any evidence that people in cities now value work-life balance?
At the Artificial Intelligence: Cloud and Edge Implementations course at the University of Oxford, last year, we worked with Open data from Transport for London and explored the behaviour of people in the pandemic

But is this a global trend?

Created in partnership with Microsoft and University of Oxford, the A tale of two cities – Exploring the future of work – A Data AI hackathon addresses the above questions

We present the findings from London open data and the hackathon will ask the same questions based on open data in New York

What will we find in this saga of two cities? Do we see a pattern with wider implications? What does it mean for the future of work?

We invite you to join us in reviewing datasets from these two cities using Data and AI tools to develop new insights and solutions that emerge from data captured before, during, and after the pandemic.

✨ Rules: Form a team of maximum (3) individuals to take the data and process results. Choose your team prior to the event or on-site amongst attendees.
✨ Suggested Tools: PowerBI, Python, AI builder, Synapse, CosmosDB, and Percept.
✨ Prerequisites: We recommend that attendees are data professionals and possess skills related to the above tools. If you are not fully knowledgeable with the above tools, you are free to apply what you learn in our offered workshop content or you can use the hackathon as a learning opportunity / opportunity to work with others.

✨ If participants do not currently have an Azure subscription, we have a limited supply (25) of Azure passes with some credit available.

✨Prize: The winning team (of 3), currently will get (3) $100 Amazon gift cards and (1) free placement to the Oxford University Digital Twins course (online)– team will have to decide who receives the course. Additional prizes are TBD✨

• Day 1: July 21st 530PM – 8PM : Introduction to the problem, London data comparison, details for the hack shared to group.
• Day 2: July 22nd 9AM – 5PM : Hackathon / Informative Presentations

  • 9:00 AM : KickOff presentation with introduction to additional Data & AI tools – Paul DeCarlo & Ruth Yakubu
  • 10:00 AM : NoSQL 101 and Intro to Cosmos DB – Jay Gordon
  • 10:30 AM : Introduction to Azure Percept – Amira Youssef
  • Office hours – work on Hackathon/Ask questions of available experts

• Day 3: July 23rd 9AM – 1PM : Present Hackathon findings and solutions; choose winner

We hope to share insights from this work, widely building on our experience at the University Of Oxford.
Rikesh Shah, Head of Open Innovation @ Transport for London said “I am pleased to see that the open data and innovation journey we started at University of Oxford is now expanding to the city of New York. I look forward to hearing about the learnings from New York”

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