Wireless Risk Analysis and Security



The Greater Hartford Chapter of ISACA is pleased to
present a “Wireless Risk Analysis and Security” webinar on
Wednesday, February 9, 2022  

Wireless Risk Analysis and Security is a single-day course that provides a comprehensive view into the methods and mindset used by hackers to compromise wireless networks. Wireless can be complex and effective learning requires mastery of a new set of acronyms and how these technologies fit into the big picture.  

The Security professional will learn the skills and knowledge required to understand how wireless networks operate. This course provides the basis for performing wireless reconnaissance and exploitation using tools found in both Kali Linux and Windows. 

A real-world demo will demonstrate how security weaknesses are identified, compromised, and exploited to extract data in today’s wireless networks.  Wireless Analysis & Exploitation (WAX) imparts these skills to the Security professional: – A review of networking fundamentals – A review of important Linux and Windows commands – Instruction on 802.11 Wi-Fi technologies including standards, Wi-Fi- operation, devices, terminology, acronyms, antennas, radio frequency fundamentals, standard Wi-Fi security methods, and troubleshooting. – Execution of reconnaissance activities – Execution of analysis activities – Approaches to “what happens next” once the Security professional has keys to the 802.11 network – A discussion of non-802.11 wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Mobile Voice and Data Communications (FMC) – How to secure a wireless network . 

This webinar is presented by Jay Ferron

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