Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Security Updates for PrintNightmare


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Releases Out-of-Band Security Updates for PrintNightmare

07/06/2021 07:53 PM EDT


release date: July 6, 2021

Microsoft has released out-of-band
security updates
to address a remote code execution (RCE)
vulnerability—known as PrintNightmare (CVE-2021-34527)—in the Windows Print
spooler service. According to the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC), “The
Microsoft Windows Print Spooler service fails to restrict access to
functionality that allows users to add printers and related drivers, which can
allow a remote authenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code with SYSTEM
privileges on a vulnerable system.”

The updates are cumulative and contain all previous fixes as well as
protections for CVE-2021-1675. The updates do not include Windows 10 version
1607, Windows Server 2012, or Windows Server 2016—Microsoft states updates for
these versions are forthcoming. Note: According to CERT/CC, “the Microsoft
update for CVE-2021-34527 only appears to address the Remote Code Execution
(RCE via SMB and RPC) variants of the PrintNightmare, and not the Local
Privilege Escalation (LPE) variant.” See CERT/CC Vulnerability Note VU
for workarounds for the LPE variant.