What’s New in Information Protection? a Microsoft Blog

 Throughout the last several months there have been
many new features, updates, and happenings in the world of Information
Protection at Microsoft. As we continue to build out more of this story, we
wanted to use this opportunity to connect with customers, partners, and more on
some of these updates to keep you informed and provide a single pane of glass
on everything we have been working on for the last several months. In addition,
we hope to give you some insight into the next big things being built within
MIP overall. 

Information Protection:

 General Availability: Mandatory Labeling  



General Availability: Improvements
for Exchange Online service side auto-labeling


Public Preview: Co-authoring

  • Co-authoring and AutoSave on Microsoft Information
    Protection-encrypted documents 
  • Client-based automatic and recommended labeling on Mac 
  • Mandatory labeling requiring users to apply a label to
    their email and documents 
  • Availability of audit label activities in Activity
  • Native support for variables and per-app content marking 
  • You can leverage co-authoring using: 
    • Production or test tenant 
    • Microsoft 365 apps with the following versions: 
      • Windows – Current Channel 16.0.14026.20270+ (2105) 
      • Mac: 16.50.21061301+  
  • If AIP Unified Labeling Client
    Version is in use, verify that in addition to the updated Microsoft
    365 app, you use version of the Unified Labeling
  • PLEASE NOTE: That Co-authoring for Native/Built-In
    Labeling will be added in the upcoming Current Channel within
    2 weeks 

Read more about the feature at Enable co-authoring for documents
encrypted by sensitivity labels in Microsoft 365 – Microsoft 365 Compliance |
Microsoft Docs



Public Preview: AIP Audit Logs in Activity Explorer 


 General Availability: Dynamic Markings with Variables within native labeling across all platforms 


GA: DLP Alerts 

Microsoft announces the General Availability of the
Microsoft Data Loss Prevention Alerts Dashboard. This latest
addition in the Microsoft’s data loss prevention solution
provides customers with the ability to holistically investigate DLP policy
violations across:

  • Exchange 
  • SharePoint Online 
  • OneDrive 
  • Teams 
  • Devices 
  • Cloud apps 
  • On-premises file shares 

Learn more about the feature at: Learn about the data loss prevention
Alerts dashboard – Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft Docs


Information Protection:

GA: Track and Revoke 

  • Document tracking provides information for
    administrators about when a protected document was accessed.  
  • If necessary, both admins and users can revoke document
    access for protected tracked documents. 
  • This feature is available for AIP UL clientversion later 


Public Preview: DLP On-Prem 

  • The DLP on-premises scanner crawls on-premises data-at-rest
    in file shares and SharePoint document libraries and folders for sensitive
    items that, if leaked, would pose a risk to your organization or pose a
    risk of compliance policy violation  
  • This gives you the visibility and control you need to
    ensure that sensitive items are used and protected properly, and to help
    prevent risky behavior that might compromise them 
  • You need to leverage the Scanner binaries from AIP UL
    Client Version