New ways to help simplify and modernize security, compliance, and identity free training by a Microsoft


present a danger every minute they are in your environment, but it is
challenging to rapidly detect their activity among billions of events.
Microsoft’s platform and approach combines human expertise, extensive
telemetry, and advanced analytics. 

us to test drive tools that will empower your organization to assess risk
and protect sensitive data, identities, and devices.

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Protection: Safeguard Access to Data, Devices, and Apps

Thursday, May 20th 12pm or 3pm Eastern
Explore how to use secure authentication, govern access, get comprehensive
protection and set the right identity foundation.

Protection: Protect Assets and Empower Defenders

Thursday, May 13th 12pm or 3pm Eastern
Learn how to empower your security teams with native integrations,
intelligent automation, and expert guidance. 

Protection: Secure Your Sensitive Information

Thursday, May 6th 12pm or 3pm Eastern
Understand how to implement a comprehensive and integrated approach across
devices, apps, cloud services, and on-premises.

Your Privacy and Compliance Journey

Thursday, May 27th 12pm or 3pm Eastern
Assess your compliance risk, protect & govern sensitive or business
critical data, and respond efficiently to data discovery requests.


New ways to help simplify and modernize security,
compliance, and identity