Azure AD B2C Deep Dive Webinar Series


Azure AD B2C
Deep Dive Webinar Series

Event | 2/19 – 5/14, 2021 | 3:00 – 4:30pm, GMT


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Session 1 – February 19th –
Azure AD B2C overview

This session focuses on
understanding the use case and architecture for Azure AD B2C. When do I use
it? How does it work? How can I configure it? What is the roadmap? The
session will be a combination of slides and demos ranging from basic to more
advanced tasks.

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Session 2 – March 12th – How
to deploy Azure AD B2C from scratch

Learn how to create your Azure
AD B2C environment, configure connections to identity providers, customize
attribute collection and add your branding:

  • Create your Azure
    AD B2C directory
  • Connect with
    social and enterprise identity providers
  • Integrate your
    applications and systems
  • Brand and
    customize the user experience

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Session 3 – April 9th- Get started with Azure
AD B2C custom policies

Learn how to set up the Azure AD B2C policy and relying party
policies. Explorer the custom policy XML elements, and file structure.

  1. Deploy a custom
    policy starter pack (manual and automatically)
  2. Understanding the
    basics of custom policy: claims, claims transformation, user journeys, technical
    profile, and relying party policy.
  3. Customized your
    policy (add sign-in option with social IDP, customized the UX, and more)
  4. Troubleshooting

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Session 4 – May 14th- Extend
B2C capability through ISV partner ecosystem

Learn how to extend B2C
capabilities through ISV partner ecosystem. Enable bot detection, fraud
protection, device fingerprinting and provide secure hybrid access to
on-premise/legacy applications with ISV partners.


  • Prevent
    fraudulent accounts from being created
  • Understand if
    user is logging in with a new or known device
  • Enable Azure AD
    B2C for on-premise  applications

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look forward to you joining us!