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Who do you know that is a privacy expert? Or an
up-and-coming star in the technical privacy field? Like you, they
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Privacy Solutions Engineer™ (CDPSE™)
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ISACA is actively recruiting qualified candidates for CDPSE
certification to take the beta test later this month, 11-31 January. There is no experience requirement
to take the exam, however to qualify for the certification, candidates
need five years’ experience in the following fields (or three years’
experience plus a current ISACA certification):

  • Privacy

    (governance, management and risk management)
  • Privacy

    (infrastructure, applications/software and technical privacy
  • Data

    (data purpose and data persistence)

Registrants for the January exam receive a FREE CDPSE review manual
and US$50 off the
(in addition to ISACA member discounts) with promo
50CDPSE. Exams will be individually graded
and analyzed against others to help validate the test instrument.
Individual results are expected in March 2021.

Help a colleague or professional acquaintance advance their career,
affirm their privacy acumen and assist ISACA as we build a community of
recognized technical privacy professionals. We appreciate your
commitment to the advancement of the technical privacy field.




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CDPSE was created by technical privacy practitioners for
technical privacy practitioners and administered by ISACA.
Certification holders gain the credential that proves their skillset in
implementing privacy-by-design solutions.

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