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Knowbe4 is a great solution for companies to train user on Social Engineering issues.
Here a great example of the content that they deliver to their base.

Scam of the Week:
Equifax Settlement Phishing

Well, that did not take long! The Equifax Data Breach resulted in a settlement
and those affected have a choice between free credit monitoring or a $125
payment. Internet lowlifes are now targeting victims of the Equifax data breach
with phishing attacks and are spoofing Equifax’s settlement page.

Your users should report these as malicious emails. If they fall for it and
click on the link, they are likely winding up on a spoofed site that looks very
similar to the existing Equifax settlement page.

There, they are going to be exposed to a social engineering scam, trying to
steal as much data as possible.

I suggest you send the following to your employees, friends and family.
You’re welcome to copy/paste/edit:


ALERT: Internet bad
guys are now trying to trick you into filing an Equifax claim and get a $125
payment because your personal data was in the Equifax data breach. They are
sending phishing attacks that look like they come from Equifax and when you
click on the links, you wind up on a fake website that looks like it’s Equifax,
but will try to steal your personal information. Don’t fall for it.

if you want to file a claim, go the legit FTC website and click on the blue
“File a Claim” button. The website will check your eligibility for
that claim, not everyone’s information was compromised.


Go to their blog at and also explore the free tools on their site