Draft NIST Cybersecurity White Paper on Understanding Emerging Blockchain Identity Management Systems

announces the release of a Draft Cybersecurity White Paper,
A Taxonomic Approach to Understanding
Emerging Blockchain Identity Management Systems (IDMS),
provides an overview of the standards, building blocks, and system
architectures that support emerging blockchain-based identity management
systems and selective disclosure mechanisms. The document also considers the full spectrum of top-down versus bottom-up
governance models for both identifier and credential management and addresses
some of the risks and security concerns that may arise.
The terminology, concepts, and properties introduced in
this work can facilitate communications amongst business owners, software
developers, cybersecurity professionals within an organization, and individuals
who are or will be using such systems.

A public comment period for this document is
open until August 9, 2019
. See the publication details link for
a copy of the document and instructions for submitting comments.

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