Wireless Info System for Emergency Responders (WISER)

This post is a little different than my normal but this is a good tool for Security professionals.

WISER 5.1 is now available on all platforms! Take a quick
look at the what’s included in this release:

  • CHEMM (“CHEMM 2.0”) has extensive new and updated
    content, e.g., guidance and reference materials.
  • New Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for airborne
    chemicals (AEGL) data from the EPA
  • Data updates based on the latest Hazardous
    Substances Data Bank (HSDB) content.
  • Android 
    • Upgrades for KitKat. OS 4.4 is now required.
    • Protective distance “point into the wind” feature added
      for devices with a compass.
  • Windows 
    • Completely new installer.
    • Leverages new features of .NET. Version 4.6.1 is
      now required.
  • Fixes to Emergency Response Guide UN searches
    (duplicates now displayed) across all platforms
  • Many smaller updates and bug fixes


Tutorial Videos

Check out WISER’s new series of YouTube videos. These
videos introduce WISER’s functionality, walk through a known substance
scenario, and explore WISER’s protective distance mapping feature in detail.
Take a look!

Coming Soon

WebWISER enhancements and WISER 5.2, which adds three
toxic syndromes (toxidromes) and related content to CHEMM’s Intelligent
Syndromes Tool (CHEMM-IST) to all WISER platforms.

Also of Interest

Radiation Emergency Medical Management (REMM) is a great
resource for medical management of radiation events, and contains information for First Responders.
A mobile version is also available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.