Free Class on Power Tools for Windows 10

Another MVA class  Dive into Windows 10 with award-winning journalist and Windows Expert Ed Bott, along with Microsoft Technical Evangelist Jennelle Crothers, in this course covering tips, shortcuts, and top utilities for Windows 10.
Every IT Pro knows from firsthand experience that the sheer volume of Windows programs and accessories says a lot about its power and complexity. In these seven modules, get advice and hands-on training on Windows 10 tools that can help you work faster and smarter, including File Explorer, Event Viewer, Task Manager, and more. Plus, review tools for all skill levels, from end users to experts and professionals.  

1 | Power Tools for Windows 10

Learn how to use the search box and the Quick Links menu to find what you’re looking for and access key utilities.

2 | File Explorer

Get the most of out the File Explorer, and learn the ins and outs of libraries and how to search for files like a pro.

3 | Registry Editor

Learn how the registry works and how to carefully make changes to get your system to work the way you want it to.

4 | Event Viewer and Task Manager

Learn how to get the most from the Event Viewer and the Task Manager so you can identify potential problems and wrangle misbehaving apps.

5 | Disk Management

Learn how to create and manage disk partitions, protect your files with BitLocker, and optimize your drives.

6 | Sysinternals Suite and DaRT

Use the Sysinternals Suite and the Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) to get even more detailed information on the tasks and processes running on your system.

7 | Hyper-V and Microsoft Azure

Learn how to create, use, and manage virtual machines both on your machine and in Microsoft Azure.

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