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Getting Started with Azure Security for the IT Professional If you’re an IT Professional interested in cloud security options you will want to watch this course. Get the information and the confidence you need from Rick Claus and a team of security experts and Azure engineers, as they take you beyond the basic certifications and explore what’s possible inside Azure. Find out how to ensure that your cloud solution meets (and exceeds!) your own personal and your organization’s bar for security, including industry standards, attestations, and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications.

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Windows 10: Update for IT Pros

Watch this course as Australia Senior Evangelist, Jeff Alexander explores Windows as a Service, and what it means for your business. He discusses Windows 10 deployment, and the new and updated ways to update devices. You’ll learn what’s new in management and the Windows Store, the new runtime provisioning feature in Windows 10, and the new era of security features in Windows 10. ‚Äč

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