2015 NY Metro Joint Cyber Security Workshop Classes

Sponsored by InfraGard ∴ ISACA ∴ (ISC)2 ∴ ISSA ∴ OWASP ∴ HTCIA ∴ ACFE

NYMJCSC is also offering a pre-conference workshop on Tuesday, October 13th featuring four in-depth full-day hands-on classroom-style educational courses to expand your knowledge and foster security discussions.

Register here this will sell out and no walking will be allowed.

Workshops will be offered at

NY Seminar and Conference Center
71 West 23rd Street
Chelsea Center
New York City, NY 10010

Workshop 1: PowerShell for Auditors

Speaker Guy Hermann

Hand on PowerShell for IT security and auditors … requires BYOD Instructor: Guy Hermann PowerShell is a remarkably powerful tool that can be used by administrators to automate many aspects of their environment. PowerShell really starts to shine when used to audit and secure a Microsoft Windows ecosystem. Starting with an introduction to PowerShell, this brief overview explores PowerShell and exposes how it can be used to help secure Windows. This one-day session covers PowerShell from beginning to end, exposing participants to the wide range of tools available through PowerShell.

Workshop 2: Wireless Shock and Awe 

Speaker Tim Singletary

Be worried about what exposed via Wireless Instructor: Tim Singletary The ease of use, mobility, and convenience has made wireless technologies not only prevalent but the defacto standard for most individuals as well as corporate America. Wireless throughout the years has not become magically secure just because it is more often used than not. Both companies and individuals are at risk of many variants of wireless attacks, from basic war driving to rogue access points.

Workshop 3: Privacy and the Dark Net

Speaker Chris Roberts

What the Internet knows about you and your company

Workshop 4: Application Security


Tom Brennan, Ken Belva, Vladislav Gostomelsky 

Part 1: Take a tour of the OWASP foundation:

Part 2: Live hacking demonstration using OWASP ZAP and OWASP WebGoat to find vulnerabilities.

Part 3: Deep dive into specific application threat surfaces.

Register here this will sell out and no walking will be allowed.