Second chance Voucher for Microsoft Tests are back

Second Shot FAQ

What Is Second Shot?
The Second Shot offer provides a free retake exam if you do not pass your exam the first time. If you purchase a Microsoft Certification exam pack using the Second Shot offer, you will have one (and only one) retake for each of the exam in the exam pack.

How long is the Second Shot offer available?
You will have to get a  Second Shot voucher code, schedule an exam, pay for your exam, take the exam the first time and take your retake exam before the voucher expiration date. Check your voucher for the expiration date.

Which exams qualify?
The Second Shot offer currently applies to academic IT professional and developer certification exams (all exams with a 072 and 073 prefix). The offer also includes all Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams beginning with the 098 prefix.

Retake an exam for free

Earn a Microsoft Certification and prove your skills with current technologies and solutions. Passing Microsoft Certification exams can be tough, but for a limited time, you’ll get a free second chance to succeed.

With Second Shot, if you fail your exam the first time you take it, you can use the same voucher for your retake exam.

Second Shot is available for the regular-priced individual technical exams with a prefix of 070 or 071, and for the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification exams administered through Prometric. See details and restrictions below. The Second Shot offer is available until May 31, 2014.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Register for your Second Shot voucher.

    Experienced technology professional? Request your Second Shot voucher for individual technical exams

    New to technology? Request your Second Shot voucher for Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification exams

  2. Schedule and pay for your exam at Prometric using your voucher code.

  3. Take your exam.

  4. If you don’t pass the exam, use your voucher to register for the same exam again at no charge.