New Resources for Windows 8 from the Microsoft Springboard Site

Windows 8: Frequently Asked Questions for IT Professionals
Get answers to common questions about Windows 8 editions, applications, deployment, virtualization, administration, security, and more.
Windows 8 Downloads
Quickly access the most popular Windows 8 downloads for IT professionals including planning and deployment tools, Sysinternals process utilities, and Windows PowerShell 3.0.
Windows 8 Jump Start
Take advantage of free, online, fast-paced training courses designed specifically for experienced IT professionals with jobs that demand that they know how to best leverage the emerging features and technologies in Windows 8, such as:



Module 1: Tips and Tricks for IT Pros



Module 2: Windows 8 Deployment



Module 3: Access to Windows in Windows 8



Module 4: Anywhere Productivity with Windows 8



Module 5: Windows 8 and Windows Apps



Module 6: Recovery and Security in Windows 8

Windows 8 Technical Demonstrations
Short on time, but want to know more about key features in Windows 8 for IT professionals? Check out these brief, but informative technical demonstrations:



BitLocker in Windows 8



Storage Spaces in Windows 8



Windows to Go in Windows 8



Windows 8 and Mobile Broadband



Windows 8 and Secure Boot



Windows 8 and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)



Windows 8 Tablets for Business



Windows 8 Deployment

Manage and Operate Windows 8
Find resources and tools to help you better manage Windows 8 PCs, laptops, tablets, and other devices as well as guidance on how to control settings and access to important data, and optimize system performance.
Support and Troubleshooting Resources for Windows 8
Find resources and tools to help you support Windows 8 in your organization, troubleshoot common issues and error messages, and address installation and compatibility concerns.