Social engineering hit a new low

My sister gets a call … Hi Microsoft, we see you are having a problem were are here to help fix you computer….

My sister asked how did you know my phone number, what your phone number… and the hung up…

She and you should know that Microsoft and other software vendors do not call you.. Unless you opened a ticket for support. If you not sure ask for their name and the call the vendor back on a Support phone number that you get from the vendors web site.

And now

US-CERT: has created a warning….

Social engineers target utilities with fake Microsoft support calls

The U.S. Cyber Emergency Response Team released "ICS-CERT Monthly Monitor" yesterday, warning that social engineers are attempting highly targeted attacks against Industrial Control Systems like utility companies. The attacks are in the form of phishing phone calls allegedly coming from "Microsoft Server Department" and warning of infected PCs. The attacker attempts to have the utilities turn on services which would allow unauthorized remote access