Security Articles On Windows Hyper-V

Security Tip of the Month: Simple Security Recommendations When Using Hyper-V
As more small to midsize companies consider virtualization solutions, questions about security and virtualization inevitably arise. Microsoft has a few articles on TechNet that outline some of the key aspects of a secure deployment of the Hyper-V virtualization technology, a feature of Windows Server 2008 R2. To complement the guidelines offered in "Planning for Hyper-V Security," Microsoft IT Evangelist Howard Wong offers some additional thoughts and security considerations around Hyper-V.

Planning for Hyper-V Security
Overall, you should secure the virtual machines running on the virtualization server according to your procedures for securing that kind of server or workload. This document provides best practices to help improve the security of your Windows Server 2008 servers running Hyper-V.


Hyper-V Security Guide
Find instructions and recommendations to help strengthen the security of computers running the Hyper-V role on Windows Server 2008. This guide covers three core topics: hardening Hyper-V, delegating virtual machine management, and protecting virtual machines.

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