Security Guide for Protecting Malware Incidents

Microsoft today announced a free planning guide to help with Malware.The Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for Malware Response empowers readers to take action quickly in the event of a malware incident by matching the technology solution to the business need and aligning business and IT from the beginning. This guide discusses three primary recovery methods: cleaning the system, recovering system state, and rebuilding the system. Each method presents different risks and benefits to the organization. The guide also describes approaches to investigating outbreaks and cleaning infected systems. Read this guide to make an informed decision about how to return the systems to operation while limiting the likelihood of the malware infecting additional systems.

The guide empowers readers in the following ways:

  • Shortens the time required to recover from a malware outbreak by describing the decisions to be made.
  • Provides a cost-effective and straightforward solution by matching the most suitable technologies to the business needs.
  • Prompts decisions to be made in choosing one of three courses of action: clean, restore, or rebuild a system.

To learn more about Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for Malware Response click  here. To download the guidance, click here.