Cell Phone a Security Nightmare?

Is a cell a phone was just a phone?

The current cells phone today is smart phones with more power that you desktop that 7 years old. Think of what you keep on your phone, Mail Contact, Schedules, and other data what would happen if that device was lost or stolen or compromised and theft or you competing got that information

Here are some simple things to do.

Don’t Lose Your Phone – Know where you phone is at all times and do not leave it out at bars and public places, Keep it with you. Do not leave it in you parked car.

Lock you phone and set a password (a strong one not 1111, 1234 etc.)

Here’s how to find time-out settings on various smartphone OSs:

    • Android: now supports PINs and passwords
    • BlackBerry: enable the password, and set the security time-out options.
    • Windows Phones: can set or change the password, and also set the screen time-out.

Remote wipe means that if your phone is lost or stolen, you can remotely clear all of your data–including e-mail, contacts, texts, and documents–off of the handset, thus keeping that information out of the wrong hands. Check with you Company or Phone provide about this service

Trojan Horses, Malware, and Viruses and Third-Party Apps

  • Software protection: like Lookout that can protect the Phone and the anti-viruses manufacture have software as well.
  • Third-Party Apps can become an issue, once an apps is installed it can access to your personal data and location. You need to think or ask what the app does and what information will it share?