7 Overlooked Network Security Threats for 2011

Here is a link to a great article on network security.

Threat Area
Worst Case Scenarios

1. Insider Threat
Enterprise data including backups destroyed, valuable secrets lost, and users locked out of systems for days or even weeks.

2. Tool Bloat Backlash
Decision-makers become fed up with endless requests for security products and put a freeze on any further security tools.

3. Mobile Device Security
A key user’s phone containing a password management application is lost. The application itself is not password-protected.

4. Low Tech Threats
A sandbox containing a company’s plan for its next generation of cell phone chips is inadvertently exposed to the public Internet.

5. Risk Management
A firm dedicates considerable resources to successfully defend its brochure-like, ecommerce-less web site from attack, but allows malware to creep into the software of its medical device product.

6. SLA Litigation
Although the network administrator expressed reservations, a major customer was promised an unattainable service level for streaming content. The customer has defected to the competition and filed a lawsuit.

7. Treacheries of Scale
A firm moves from a decentralized server model to a private cloud. When the cloud’s server farm goes offline, all users are affected instead of users in a single region.

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