Webinar Title – “Understanding Cyber Security Risk Management

Date – September 22, 2010 – Time – Noon – 1 PM ET this is a 1 hour session.

I will be presenting a webinar on risk management.

Cyber Security Risk Management is concerned with the process of managing or reducing potentially harmful uncertain events due to the lack of effective cyber security.

Global Knowledge introduced an exclusive four-part Webinar series devoted to the subject of Cyber Security, based on our recently announced hands-on cyber security course entitled Cyber Security Foundations.

In Part Two of this Webinar series, we will examine "Understanding Cyber Security Risk Management."  As a Security professional you need to understand the risks that affect your company.  This session will help you:

1.       Save company data

2.       Save the company reputation

3.       Save your job


In this session we will cover the basic steps of:

How do you Identify business risks

How do you Identify business assets

· Risk Management

· Risk Management Process

· Threat Determination

· Risk Assessment

· Risk Management Lifecycle

To register for this Webinar, go to:  https://gkevents.webex.com/gkevents/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=667243492