WhatsUp Gold Engineer’s Toolkit

AS a security profession i am always on the look for tools that we help me do easer. Ipswich has just offered a free tool that should be in any Windows administrator took kit.

The Engineer’s Toolkit has a single login and credentials library, features robust functionality, and is designed to simplify common network engineering tasks. The Engineer’s Toolkit can help you with:

* Network design and planning

* DNS verification

* Network diagnostics

* Remote access to devices and servers

* Network discovery

* Configuration and credential management

Your role as a network engineer is not an easy one. Routine tasks often take more time than planned and troubleshooting issues can lead to long days, not to mention a few headaches.

Take advantage of our limited time offer -Get the WhatsUp Gold Engineer’s Toolkit today for free! Get ready to simplify network engineering.

Download your WhatsUp Gold Engineer’s Toolkit(http://www.whatsupgold.com/2/engineerstoolkit) today and gain access to the most robust and usable toolkit available featuring one application, one interface, and one easy way to monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot network issues!