Day 2 and my Impressions of Microsoft Intune

I joined the beta for Microsoft Intune a cloud based solution for small to medium business to manage computers

To learn more about this product go here

I went to the site and after applying to the beta got a email less that 4 hours later.

The step were simple to start.

I login in with the supplied credentials and changed my password, using my browser, most of the site is Silverlight (no right click).

Once there


I installed the Windows Intune Client.


This was a Small Download 8 – 11 megs bases on X86 or X64

It also install some other application in the background once the client installed

  • Microsoft Online Management Policy Agent
  • Microsoft Antimalware
  • WINDOWS Intune
  • Microsoft Policy Platform
  • Microsoft Firewall Configuration Provider
  • Windows Intune Malware protection
  • Microsoft Easy Assist v2
  • System Center Operations Manager 2007 r2 Agent

If you have other Antivirus or Antimalware software you need to remove them.

Once install i just waited till the computer show up in the Unassigned computer Console (I created additional  new group called Mobile for my remote users) and then move the computer there


Now the fun begins In the

I Went to the administration tab;


Click on Updates and her where you can chooses what kind of update you want pushed to your workstations and servers.


So now we have our patch manage strategy set up let look at other cool features.

The system will inventory the software of all your the client computers for you. here is an example


The system will inventory the hardware of your the client computers for you, here is an example


What really nice is that i now have all the reports i need in single 1 stop location , I cal all help user with remote issues from any where in the world where i have internet access. So that’s Day 2 report on Intune.

To learn more about this easy to use product go here

Remember this is Beta so there some bugs that may show up but boy is this going to make my life easy support users.

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