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Dynamic Data Center

The Infrastructure Planning and Design team is working on a new guide: Dynamic Data Center.

Delivering dynamically scalable IT resources can provide dramatic benefits to nearly all aspects of your organization’s IT environment. The design process in the Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for Dynamic Data Center allows your organization to strategically plan a Dynamic Data Center infrastructure that is designed for ease of manageability. Key benefits of the guide include:

· The infrastructure is designed using best practices to reduce the administrative burden of managing the Dynamic Data Center.

· A single set of requirements is tracked throughout the entire design process and then transferred to the appropriate supporting Infrastructure Planning and Design guides.

· The infrastructure design of the virtualization hardware and the management software includes determining the scaling and architectural limits of each component.

With this guide, you can design a Dynamic Data Center that will allow your organization to be responsive to changing market conditions by presenting new ways to develop, deliver, deploy, and manage applications and IT infrastructures.

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