Microsoft WSUS Beta to Allow 3rd Party Patches

Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) 4.0 BETA
– integrated with Microsoft WSUS for 3rd Party Patch Management
Using WSUS for automatic patching of 3rd party programs

Secunia is currently conducting public beta testing of the new patch management capabilities.

The goal with the Microsoft WSUS implementation has been to utilize the data collected by the Secunia CSI to automatically repackage 3rd party patches and updates. Currently we support fully automatic repackaging for more than 50% of the updates, more will be added as we get feedback from customers about their needs.

Easy Patch Management

Patch Management

Secunia CSI now integrates with Microsoft WSUS, for easy deployment of 3rd party updates. Installing updates is simple and straightforward with the automatic repackaging feature and distribution approval via the CSI.
Patching of vulnerable software, in particular 3rd party software, which is not supported by Microsoft WSUS, has been a cumbersome and resource demanding process, causing many not to patch or only patch very few non-Microsoft programs.
With the seamless Microsoft WSUS and Secunia CSI integration, the patching process has been simplified and can literally be conducted with a few simple clicks:

  • Inspect software on PCs
  • Select insecure software to patch
  • Approve automatic patch repackaging for Microsoft WSUS
  • Approve distribution via Microsoft WSUS

Patch Management has never been easier and more straightforward than with the Microsoft WSUS and the Secunia CSI integration.
Existing patch management solutions require that customers use complicated tools for repackaging patches. However, due the information gathered by the Secunia Software Inspector technology, it is possible for the Secunia CSI to automatically repackage a majority of the patches.

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