IT Infrastructure Threat Modeling Guide –download

The IT Infrastructure Threat Modeling Guide provides an easy-to-understand method that enables you to develop threat models that can help prioritize investments in IT infrastructure security.
This Solution Accelerator consists of a release notes document Release Notes.rtf and a single compressed file, IT Infrastructure Threat Modeling, which includes the following components:

  • IT Infrastructure Threat Modeling Guide.docx. This Microsoft Word document provides guidance to help IT professionals develop and implement threat modeling processes for their IT environments. It includes the following chapters:
    • Overview
    • Chapter 1: IT Infrastructure Components
    • Chapter 2: The IT Infrastructure Threat Model Portfolio
    • Chapter 3: Applied Example – The Threat Modeling Process
  • IT Infrastructure Threat Modeling Guide.pptx. This Microsoft PowerPoint document is designed for use in a learning or lecture environment to present the concept of IT infrastructure threat modeling.

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