Computer Technology 2010 Results

Computer Users and Friends:

Well, yesterday Computer Technology 2010 far exceeded the event last year. With 390 actually registrations plus those that did not register, we met our projections. However, it was still a bit overwhelming. When you actually pull such a large gathering together and most stick with you much of the day it’s rather daunting to say the least.

There are so many people to thank for such a job well done I have suggested the association publish all their names on the website. A special thanks must go out to Carl Lofstrom, NWFACUG President, for his leadership and persistence in pushing the rest of us to get the job done. Carl’s personal effort brought over $11,000 door prizes that was given away. It’s extremely tough to pull this sort of support from the industry in these economic times, but Carl came through big time. The many vendors, both local and national, were recognized in a special printed program and are included on the website. We had a mixture of local vendors which added so much to Tech 10. If we do this again next year my bet is that more local computer/electronic folks will want to participate. The word is really starting to catch hold in the area as the event grows each year. For a small rural community without a huge population to draw from we can be very proud of what was accomplished with Tech 10.

Many of the presentations were faced will full occupancy and some were standing room only. A big draw was the presentation on Windows 7. The room was packed to hear Jay Ferron, President of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups ( who came all the way from Connecticut to deliver his message. Jay is an international expert on computer security and represents Microsoft at events such as Tech 10, as well as APCUG. Even though Jay is an evangelist for Microsoft and APCUG we are so appreciative for him taking the time to visit with us.

Another highlight and a first for us was all day streaming on the Internet by Ray Zukowski of Ray is a promoter and videographer of the First Order. His enthusiasm is catching and his willingness to feature Tech 10 was the crown jewel. A replay of the days event and some of the presentations will be viewable at in the next few days, maybe even by Monday. During the day there were break periods so if you were watching and it went offline and you though that was it , the full day will be viewable for replay.

The Emerald Coast Boys and Girls Club provided a light lunch but were overwhelmed with the numbers. They had to rush out for more food for the hungry lines. This was a good fund raiser for them to help support an upcoming educational trip for the kids.

If you missed this year maybe we will see you in 2011.

Happy computing,

J. B. Hillard, Member, Board of Directors

NWF Association of Computer User Groups

President, Chautauqua Cyber Club, Inc.