Free – Outlook 2007 training courses

. Get familiar with Outlook

Up to speed with Outlook 2007
Where to find the commands you use most often. How to use new features such as the To-Do Bar and the new calendar navigation

Interactive guide: Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 command reference guide
Use this interactive guide to locate your favorite Outlook 2003 commands in Outlook 2007

2. Communicate more efficiently

Get out of your Inbox with Outlook 2007
Tips for finding and organizing the e-mail that’s already in your Inbox

Create great-looking signatures for your e-mail
How to create a personalized signature so that you can stop typing the same thing over and over at the end of each message

Outlook and RSS: Internet information delivered to your Mailbox
Find out how to read and manage your Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds and blogs right from Outlook

Send text messages from Outlook 2007 to a mobile phone
Send text messages or a calendar summary to a mobile phone, right from Outlook

3. Manage your mailbox for size and storage

Manage your mailbox I: Find its size and trim it down
How to find the size of your own mailbox and understand what big means. Find out about tools and shortcuts to reduce bulk

Manage your mailbox II: Understand your choices for storing
The basics about Outlook’s two methods for storing e-mail locally on your computer: Archive and Personal Folders

Manage your mailbox III: Move or copy messages to Personal Folders
The steps you need to follow to create and use a personal folder for e-mail storage

Manage your mailbox IV: Archive old messages
How to tell if AutoArchive is on and how to use custom settings

Manage your mailbox V: Retrieve, back up, or share messages
Advanced techniques for finding and using stored messages. Tools for backing up your .pst files and tips to help you avoid common problems

4. Use your calendar effectively

Calendar I: Outlook calendar basics
Calendar basics such as entering items and setting reminders

Calendar II: See and use multiple calendars
Track multiple schedules at once

Birthdays I: Keep track of birthdays and anniversaries
Two ways for entering special dates in Outlook

Birthdays II: Linking contacts and birthdays
Easy ways to connect contacts and dates

5. Manage your contacts

Create and use your own Electronic Business Card
How to create your own custom business card in Outlook

6. Fight junk e-mail

Reduce spam! Get your Junk E-mail Filter in top condition
How to use the Outlook Junk E-mail Filter to keep spam out of your Inbox

Note   You can also download shorter PowerPoint versions of some Outlook 2007 training courses and use them as training for yourself or a group.