Utilities and Applications you want part 3

This is the third of a series of blogs on Free software that you can use I will be reviewing the software and explain how you can use this software to save money and increase your productivity. In this series I will be covering both Applications and Utilities.

Microsoft Shareview – This is an application that you install to your computer – Then you can invite other to an online Video Meeting where you can share your computer with up to 15 users at the same time. This is a free solution to a live meeting. The interesting part of this software is that it allows user who are part of the meeting to move there mouse and highlight an area of the share screen and point out a question, you can also share control of your computer or a participant can take over the meeting and share their desktop or an application.

Microsoft Sharedview can be found here at www.microsoft.com/shareview

Crossloop Connect – this is a free application that allow you to control another computer connect on the internet. My mom call she is having a computer issue, I have here download this program, I done the same. Then I tell mom to tell me her access code and with her name and access code you can see and control her computer. (Saves lot time as you can see the problem and fix it remotely.

Crossloop Connect can be found here at www.crossloop.com

Live Writer – this program is for all of you blog writers. The easy to use editor allow you to create blogs add pictures and tags. This tool works with all most blogging services including Google Blogger, Typepad, WordPress and Microsoft blogging sites. Some features I like are the ability to open old blogs easily and edit old posted blog articles.

Live Writer can be found here at Download.live.com/writer