Utilities and Applications you want part 2

1. This is the second of a series of blogs on Free software that you can use I will be reviewing the software and explain how you can use this software to save money and increase your productivity. In this series I will be covering both Applications and Utilities.

CutePDF Writer- this is a free version of a product that allow you to create PDF files form your computer this install as a printer driver then what ever you print will become a PDF. This is a lightweight solution and gives all users the ability to create PDF files

Can be found here at www.cutepdf.com

Foxit Reader 3.0 PDF this allows you to read PDF files with a SMALL memory footprint of software that will open PDF files. Yes you can get Acrobat reader for but this user less space, and less memory

Can be found here at www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/reader

Reflect Free – Backups are issues for most computer users – they just do not do it! Here a solution that free and make an Image file of your computer so that if you lose your computer you can quickly re-image it and be up in running in minutes not days. You need to make updated Image every time you install new hardware or software then you can just use another backup process to back up the changed data. (Look at my Allway Sync)

Reflect Free can be found here at www.macrium.com

Allway Sync – This is a toll for syncing data file that have changed between two or more computer. However I use this to back up to a USB flash drive or USB Hard drive that way if you keep a Big Flash Drive and once a day or week connect it to your computer it will copy the changed files from your computer to the USB device and you have current backup of your data. Allway Sync can be found here at www.allwaysync.com